Glow Plugs for Diesel Engine
During the cold season, diesel engines do not always start as desired. The arising heat is often insufficient for starting the engine on its own. Therefore, the necessary heat in the combustion chambers is missing. Heat losses through the cold cylinders and the air intake impede the self-ignition. The diesel engine does not reach the necessary temperatures without the addition of heat. The central function of glow plugs is to provide additional energy for the start.
Glow plugs from Resistor are the required energy source. Before the start of the engine, the glow plug is energised and the glow tube heats up to more than 800 °C. This heat improves the engine's ability to cold-start considerably. The glow plug's heat development also optimises the combustion, so that the development of smoke and other emissions is reduced.
Resistor covers the totality of requests of the automotive applications, and – thanks to extensive experimentation – offers:
  • OE quality glow plugs
  • Faster heat-up time and a reliable cold-start
  • Extended post-heat temperatures for lower emissions
More than 300 different models of European, Asian and American models.
Which one is yours? It doesn’t matter: Resistor sure has it.

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Armored Resistors
Resistor manufactures armored electric heaters intended for national and international primary industries in metallurgy, thermodynamic, hydraulic, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, paper, textile, washing plants in packaging, industrial heating.
The design and technical knowledge, the assistance in thermal plants dimensions, the use of quality materials, characterize the work within a certified quality system (UNI EN ISO 9001:2015).
Our range of production today is divided into the following families of electric heaters, for the most various industrial applications, including:
  • Heaters Armor
  • Armored Heaters Finned Tubular Heating and Air
  • Electric Duct Heating and Air Finned Tubular heating elements with Heater Bands
  • Band heaters
  • Nozzle heaters, heaters Piane Mica and Silicone Rubber
  • Cartridge heaters and heaters Microtubular
  • Heating Elements on flange and cap