Each company has its own HISTORY. The one of Resistor is marked by the relentless pace of our machinery: a Continuity lasting for more than 30 years. We “set in motion” in the far 1982, with the production of glow plugs and resistors.
Ever since, loyal to you, loyal to one STYLE: high Performance for demanding customers. No savings on quality.
We are always by your side, to give you a product really built upon your specifications. SERVICE is for us first and foremost Customization.
Our Expansion now covers 50 countries in the world. Everywhere we have tuned in, learned, and understood mentality and needs. This, is the only way to a real GROWTH.
But beyond the relentless pace of machineries, beyond movements endlessly repeated over and over again, bursts the passion of Resistor’s people.
Passion for our work, from production to being beside you.
Passion for quality, pursued, taken care of, "automated".
Passion for the relationship with you, devoted and dedicated.
There is a heart behind the machines.