Since back in 1982, Resistor has been manufacturing glow plugs for diesel engines and electric heaters for industrial applications. And right from the diesel engine we draw our inspiration when relating to customers: Continuity is our primary value.
"Continuity" in the sense of "experience": we know what you need.
"Continuity" meaning the ability to last, thanks to a strong structure capable to cope with global economic crisis.
"Continuity", again, as formidable fuel in our relationship – devoted, loyal, "conspiratorial" – with our customers. Because we never forget that we have reached our finishing lines running side by side. That’s why we care more about your satisfaction than our visibility.
Since 1982, Resistor is by your side: when you need us, you know that we're there.

At a glance:
  • Experience and ability to last: since 1982
  • Reliability: a loyal partner, always by customers’ side
  • Trust: a reassuring, growing company
  • Strong structure: a team dedicated to serve our customers